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tomato soup  8  w/avocado, basil - served hot or cold
zuppa di asparagi & patate  7  asparagus & potato soup
duo di crostini 9  goat cheese, green peas, mint, almonds | anchovy, egg, ricotta
olive di cerignola 5 marinated w/rosemary & lemon

polenta alla griglia & funghi 10 grilled polenta wedges w/mushrooom & cream
burrata  15  fava beans, green peas, mint, basil
eggplant parimigiana 11 tomato, parmigiano, basil, served w/bread crostini
gamberi alla griglia 13 grilled shrimps on a bed of radicchio & shaved fennel, balsamic reduction
chicken liver terrine 13 ham, pancetta, bay leaves, sea salt. Served w/bread crostini & thyme infused butter

GNOCCHI con asparagi & noci 15 homemade potato dumplings w/asparagus & walnut, mint & dill
SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS 14 grass-fed Piemontese beef, tomato sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano
pappardelle con piselli, Parmigiano & bacon  15 homemade large noodles w/ green peas & shaved parmigiano.
ravioli con pomodoro & cipolle 14 homemade, stuffed w/potato, ricotta, parmigiano & sage, in a tomato & red onion sauce.
fettuccine con gamberetti e pepe rosa 15 parsley infused homemade pasta, with shrimp, leek & pink pepper corn

NERODORO CHEESEBURGER 16 grass-fed Piemontese beef served on a toasted sesame bun w/lettuce, tomato, cheddar, caramelized yellow peppers & onions w/roasted potatoes, & house aioli mayo
FILETTO DI SALMONE CROCCANTE CON salsa alle ERBE 18 crispy salmon filet w/quinoa, & string beans, fresh herb & mustard sauce
rosemary pork chop 21 chives, shallots, green olives, parsley drizzle, served w/mashed potatoes
filetto di branzino con gratin di patate 25 Mediterranean sea bass filet, leek, served w/ potato gratin
tagliata di manzo al pepe verde 26 grass-fed Piemontese sirloin steak, green pepper corn, mustard, touch of cream & roasted potatoes

string beans 8 sautéed in garlic & x. v. olive oil
PATATE AL FORNO 6 roasted potatoes w/sage, rosemary, garlic, & x.v. olive oil
BROCCOLO AMERICANO 7 broccoli sauteed in garlic & sicilian x.v. olive oil

nerodoro caesar salad 10 Lettuce, shaved Pecorino & thyme croutons, w/dressing of egg yolk, capers, anchovy, & x.v. olive oil citronette
PERE E GORGONZOLA 10 mixed greens, caramelized almonds, x.v. olive oil & citronette
radicchio e fragole 10 baby spinach, apple, strawberries, toasted Pecan, shaved pecorino, honey vinaigrette

Calamari & Radicchio

TAGLIERE DI FORMAGGI MISTI 15 Chef's daily selection of premium cheese, caramelized almonds, pear & ginger jam, honey, & house made crositini

give us a call for daily selections: 718.484.8822